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Kaddio is an all-in-one platform for health specialists. Medical Record, Booking, Video+Chat, Invoicing etc. Kaddio is fast and very easy to use.

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New features

  • Users receive booking confirmations via email regardless of who performs the booking: the user, a colleague, a client or an administrator.
  • Day reports have a selection for showing or hiding client data in the report.

Try Kaddio for free for one month

For new Kaddio users, fixed costs are now free of charge for one month. (Optional functions may generate variable costs, for example, text messages and posted letters.)

New features

  • Choose what url to redirect customers to when a contact form has been posted.


  • Added fields show in PDF exports.
  • Page numbers added in letters.
  • Line breaks show correctly in emails.
  • Brand colors show in Booking when customers are logged in to Kaddio.

Kaddio Status page

In an ambition be more transparent, we are now reflecting statuses for several parts of our services in a "Status page". The Status page is reachable via our website. The Status page is hosted in an environment separated from all of our other services, it's also served on a separate domain for resilience.

Video updates


  • Enables peer-to-peer for Safari
  • Prevents screen lock / turn off while in a conference
  • Fixes an issue seen in p2p connections where sources of the initiator are not signaled to the remote since the tracks are added while the initiator is waiting for a session-accept from the peer
  • Fixes an issue where media gets sent on jvb connection even when the connection is suspended
  • Fixes an edge case where the main room is locked and everyone leaves it to a breakout room and then coming back breaks the meeting
  • Fixes audio output device for notifications

Kaddio introduces "Complaints management"

Kaddio improves Kaddio Documents - it can now be used to handle your "Complaints management".

More improvements

  • Google Analytics 4 - As Google is sunsetting Google Analytics Universal, we are now releasing support for their new version of GA, called Google Analytics 4.
  • More fields (data) are now exported in Kaddio JSON exports.
  • Host names (care givers) are now exported in csv invoices export.
  • Clarify copy in settings for booking.
  • Better IRPF handling for Spain.

Waiting lists visibility

Waiting lists in Kaddio now have basic privileges settings under Settings > Secrecy.

More improvements

  • Selectable invoice rows
  • Better default VAT values for more countries
  • Kaddio Hibernate accepts more values
  • Calendar hook check to avoid bad formatted events
  • Translations for Español

Kaddio On-premise End Of Life

Kaddio is sunsetting the On-premise version of Kaddio during 2024, no new customers will be joining this product. This means we will put much more energy and focus on Kaddio Cloud!

All existing customers are informed and we will be providing a LTS version of Kaddio for the remainder of the time.

What do I need to do?

  • There is nothing you need to do.

Kaddio Changelog birthday

Today is the first day of this brand new site where we will communicate releases in Kaddio.

More improvements

  • Better card payment tests
  • Reduce logging to improve secrecy
  • demo.kaddio.com test user fixes